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Noun1.Mansi - a member of a nomadic people of the northern UralsMansi - a member of a nomadic people of the northern Urals
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Soviet Russia, Russia - formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
2.Mansi - the Ugric language (related to Hungarian) spoken by the Vogul
Ugrian, Ugric - one of the two branches of the Finno-Ugric family of languages; spoken in Hungary and northwestern Siberia
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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 4 ( ANI ): Mrs India Asia International, Mansi Gulati who is also a Yoga enthusiast on Sunday organised a yoga session at Charminar in Hyderabad.
Mansi said the foundation would take as long as needed to arrive at the best solution as it looks for sources of income and ways to pay off debt.
In Section 2 I will briefly introduce the Mansi languages and their most important typological features from the point of view of the three-participant constructions.
8 March 2011 - Indian rating agency CRISIL yesterday raised the rating on two loans of Mansi Industries Pvt Ltd to BB-/"stable" from B+/"stable".
We don't think Israel will dare stand against 40 countries and start conflicts with them," Al Mansi said.
Shekhar plunges into a phase of self-pity and dejection taking his frustration out on Mansi who eventually leaves him.
Roommates at Hofstra University in New York, Thier and Mansi named their gourmet popcorn for the late Oogie, a.
Actualmente los khanty cuentan con apenas 21 mil personas y los mansi con 9 mil.
Mansi, who has worked on the script as well said, "The Indian film industry has a great fan following and each Friday fans look forward to new releases, irrespective of the type of cinema: be it a big budget masala entertainer with stars or content-driven films showcasing lesser-known actors and fresh talent.
Mansi explained that the factory will be for segregating wastes.
HAIL: ARAB NEWSThe Saudi duo of Owaid Mansi and Hamad Nasser snatched victory from Khalaf Joan Al-Shammeri and Joan Al-Shammeri on the final selective section of the FIA-sanctioned Ha'il International Rally, the Kingdom's premier off-road motor sport event, across the An Nafud desert on Thursday.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 8, 2011--CRISIL revises rating on Mansi Industries loans(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.