Manta birostris

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Noun1.Manta birostris - largest manta (to 22 feet across wings)Manta birostris - largest manta (to 22 feet across wings); found worldwide but common in Gulf of Mexico and along southern coasts of United States; primarily oceanic
manta ray, manta, devilfish - extremely large pelagic tropical ray that feeds on plankton and small fishes; usually harmless but its size make it dangerous if harpooned
genus Manta - a genus of Mobulidae
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in-charge of BFAR-Bohol, confirmed that the cut-up marine animal belonged to manta alfredi and manta birostris both protected under Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) 193 and Republic Act 9147, also known as the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.
In previous years it was believed that there was only one species of ocean going manta ray, the giant manta (Manta birostris).
Or it might speak from an imaginary though quite plausible future when Manta birostris is extinct--months after seeing manta rays for the first time in the cool waters of Komodo National Park, hearing a late middle-aged version of myself speaking to his beloved, I wrote: remember the manta winging into the tide?
Buoyancy and similarity of the swimming of Manta birostris (Elasmobranchii: Myliobatidae) with the flying cycle of Columba livia (Aves: Columbidae)
Esta investigacion tiene como objeto de estudio a la mantarraya Manta birostris y esta sustentada principalmente en los principios fisicos de la locomocion del nado, para lo cual se uso la biomecanica, mas no en la anatomia funcional del sistema muscular y esqueletico del animal.
Flotabilidad de Manta birostris.- Para analizar la flotabilidad, se utilizo la informacion publicada de un ejemplar de M.
0 0.0 Manta birostris 1 0.2 Mobula japanica 22 5.2 Mobula munkiana 65 15.2 Mobula spp.
In the Philippines, manta rays (Manta birostris) are considered protected species under Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) No.