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 (män-tān′yə, -tĕ′nyä), Andrea 1431-1506.
Italian painter who was a pioneer in the Renaissance style. Among his works are the altarpiece for the Church of San Zeno in Verona (1456-1459) and the wedding chamber at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua (1474).


(Italian manˈtɛɲɲa)
(Biography) Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1431–1506, Italian painter and engraver, noted esp for his frescoes, such as those in the Ducal Palace, Mantua


(mɑnˈteɪn yɑ)

Andrea, 1431–1506, Italian painter.
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Noun1.Mantegna - Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes (1431-1506)Mantegna - Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes (1431-1506)
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