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Noun1.Mantidae - mantisesMantidae - mantises        
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Manteodea, suborder Manteodea - mantises; in former classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera
genus Mantis - type genus of the Mantidae: mantises
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Intersexuality in the holotype of Photina gracilis (Mantodea, Mantidae, Photininae) and its taxonomic implications.
Ad Reduviidae Hemiptera/ Zelus Ad Reduviidae armillatus Hemiptera/ Zelus longipes Ad Reduviidae Hymenoptera/ Solenopsis Ad Formicidae invicta Hymenoptera/ Catolaccus L Pteromalidae grandis Mantodea/ Mantidae sp.
However, this seems to have been an exception among the results, since other taxa with several predator species, such as Mantidae, Dermaptera, Myrmeleontidae and Coccinellidae, were found in greater quantity in the preserved area.
No obstante, esta clasificacion es artificial, a razon del uso de algunos caracteres homoplasicos para su organizacion taxonomica, por lo que familias como Mantidae y Thespidae (consideradas parafileticas) no se constituyen como grupos naturales (Svenson y Whiting 2004).
All specimens are adults except Araneae are juveniles and adults, Brochymena and Melanoplus are nymphs and adults, and Mantidae are nymphs.
Las familias con mayor riqueza fueron Mantidae con seis especies (40 %), seguida de Thespidae con cinco especies (33,33 %).
Coleoptera: Carabidae Calleida decora (Fabricius) Dictyotera: Mantidae Thesprotia graminis Scudder Hemiptera: Anthocoridae Xylocoris vicarius (Reuter) Hemiptera: Lygaeidae Geocoris punctipes (Say) (1) Hemiptera: Miridae Engytatus modestus (Distant) (1) Macrolophus sp.
Within the Mantidae, Choeradodis rhombicollis Latreille and Hierodula s.