Manual exercise

(Mil.) the exercise by which soldiers are taught the use of their muskets and other arms.

See also: Manual

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Securing this year's venue of the main parade in Srinagar has been a taxing mental and manual exercise. Since the venue is new, loopholes had to be carefully identified and plugged.
In the past, extracting key contractual information from digital and physical contracts was a manual exercise, involving expensive resources such as M&A service teams including legal, financial and other specialist consultants.
And it was a MANUAL exercise. The number of deaths: ZERO.
Controlling vacuum rate is, in most cases, a manual exercise and relies heavily on the expertise of the operator.
Keeping up this policy and tradition, PharmEvo has been very generous to provide folders for Training Manual Exercise Book to Pakistan Association of Medical Editors for the course it has planned for editors of biomedical journals in Pakistan.
"With respect to personal accomplishments, we would have dancing, fencing, boxing, wrestling, the infantry manual exercise, whist, backgammon, chess, the flute, and violin." Nor are swimming and horsemanship to be avoided!
To the original script, in which Sylvia dresses as a man in an effort to be impressed into the British army, the American Company had added a piece of stage business in which Sylvia performed the small-arms drill, or manual exercise, of the American armed forces.
"Not only does the group--which, by the way, does include men--get to enjoy the hands-on activity," says Carr, "but they reminisce, get manual exercise, socialize and have the opportunity to help one another.
While the 30-year-old system automates most of the payroll process such as recording time, attendance, vacation, benefits and employee information, much of the day-to-day processing such as payroll deductions and reconciliation, is still a manual exercise. According to Phillips, an average of 50 to 80 checks a month must be processed manually, taking a couple hours just to complete one check.
The first experiment with a real time, interactive learning scheme was developed out of a manual exercise produced originally at Western Ontario Business School.
Business challenge Without a single, comprehensive solution for security vulnerability scanning and policy compliance, du was committing significant amounts of time, energy and money into manual exercises to understand how threat agents, probe, scan, and compromise the security of networks.
The enormous amount of time accountants previously invested in manual exercises can now be reinvested in value-added activities, ensuring data transparency, enhanced controls and the integrity of data for reporting and compliance purposes.