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n.1.A small passageway, as in a mine, that a man may pass through.
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Replacement of tank manway gasket subsequent to inspection.
To complement Axium Process' stainless steel tank and vessel fabrications, the company has extended its range of hygienic stainless steel fittings and process components to include a comprehensive range of tank ancillaries including 304/316 stainless steel tank manways, sprayballs, level gauges, clamp blank sightglasses and tank ferrules.
It is exactly like an elevator shaft in a skyscraper but its dimensions of 36 feet by 10 feet are separated by British Columbia fir timbers into five compartments -- the manway compartment strung with ladders as an emergency escape route, two skip compartments to haul the ore to surface and two cage compartments --one to carry timber and mining gear, the other to transport thirty-five miners at one time.
Chute and manway access is established to about 10 m above the crosscut elevation and a stope sill cut is driven along strike.
The Work Contemplated Consists Of, But Is Not Limited To The Following Major Items: Construction Of (1) - Forebay Outlet Structure Installation Of 3,020 Linear Feet Of 132 Diameter Hdpe Profile Wall Pipe Installation Of (1) - Manway Installation Of (9) - Angled Fittings Installation Of (1) - Turnout Stubs Installation Of (1) - Vent Riser Construction Of (1) - Pipeline Outlet Struc#ture The Work Includes, But Is Not Neces#sarily Limited To, Grading, Excavation, Pipe Material Handling, Pipe Material Welding, Concrete Placement, Backfill, Compaction, Grading, Site Work, Material Export, And All Ancillary Work As Required By The Contract Documents And As Necessary To Provide A Complete And Tested Project, Complete, And Ready For Service.
If concrete eggs are used for fermentation, it is easier if the tanks have a manway to allow removal of the remaining skins.
It has corrugated side walls for added strength and three 20-inch manway doors for easy clean out.
The tank includes lifting lugs, four 2" 3000# couplings with 3000# screwed plugs and a 24" 150# FFSO manway with hinge, gauge and ball valve.
Lifting lugs, saddles, an elliptical manway and high-pressure couplings also are supplied.
Lifting lugs, caged ladder, 360-degree roof handrail, multiple size ports and an elliptical manway are also included.