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n.1.A small passageway, as in a mine, that a man may pass through.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Westec built the tanks with a hose connection through the side of the top manway rim so the manway can be closed while pumping.
It can be highlighted that the new method developed by Sitepu, Al-Ghamdi, and Zaidi (2017) [1] worked well in this study to characterize the inorganic deposits built up in the SRU [9] affected equipment such as (a) the condenser tube side #1 (XRPD-D), (b) the condenser #4 (XRPD-E), (c) the condenser manway cover (XRPD-F), (d) the inside vessel of the inlet head (XRPD-G), (e) the head coiler tube (XRPD-H), (f) the condenser #1 tubes (XRPD-I), (g) the condenser #1 inlet head (XRPD-J), (h) the condenser #4 tubes (XRPD-K), and (i) the condenser steam drum (XRPD-L).
Replacement of tank manway gasket subsequent to inspection.
To complement Axium Process' stainless steel tank and vessel fabrications, the company has extended its range of hygienic stainless steel fittings and process components to include a comprehensive range of tank ancillaries including 304/316 stainless steel tank manways, sprayballs, level gauges, clamp blank sightglasses and tank ferrules.
We also monitored AEs from the manway located near the bottom of a vessel in service.
In a narrow manway leading upward from the roof of the pumping station for about 15 meters he found his first, small wulfenite pockets.
This tank in another Ohio utility has a 16-inch common inlet/outlet located 42 inches off-center due to a 48-inch manway located in the center of the tank and extending through the water column.
The robot can be lowered into a full tank via the top manway. Once inside, it can crawl about on the bottom, brushing sludge and debris out of its way, while it uses its immersion ultrasonic transducers to inspect the bottom of the tank.
It is exactly like an elevator shaft in a skyscraper but its dimensions of 36 feet by 10 feet are separated by British Columbia fir timbers into five compartments -- the manway compartment strung with ladders as an emergency escape route, two skip compartments to haul the ore to surface and two cage compartments --one to carry timber and mining gear, the other to transport thirty-five miners at one time.
Chute and manway access is established to about 10 m above the crosscut elevation and a stope sill cut is driven along strike.
Top 400mm Manway with QDC, PRV & 3" Triclamp ferrule.
The primary hatch plate doubles up as an access manway; the smaller secondary hatch plate is designed and positioned to fit the user's desired onsite usage requirements.