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 (män-zō′nē, -dzō′-), Alessandro 1785-1873.
Italian writer whose novel The Betrothed (1825-1827) greatly influenced Italian fiction and has served as the basis for several operas and films.


(Italian manˈdzoːni)
(Biography) Alessandro (alesˈsandro). 1785–1873, Italian romantic novelist and poet, famous for his historical novel I Promessi sposi (1825–27)


(mɑnˈzoʊ ni, mɑnd-)

Alessandro (Francesco Tommaso Antonio), 1785–1873, Italian novelist and poet.
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Noun1.Manzoni - Italian novelist and poet (1785-1873)
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I believe that if I had been sensible of it I should hays read much more of such humane Italian poets and novelists as Manzoni and D'Azeglio, whom I perceived to be delightful, without dreaming of them in the length and breadth of their goodness.
But in a sort I did feel it, I did know it in them all, so far as I knew any of them, and in the tragedies of Manzoni, and in the romances of D'Azeglio, and yet more in the simple and modest records of D'Azeglio's life published after his death, I profited by it, and unconsciously prepared myself for that point of view whence all the arts appear one with all the uses, and there is nothing beautiful that is false.
It was listed by Ray Manzoni of Manzoni Real Estate and sold by Lawrence Agranoff and Sheila Agranoff of Charles Rutenberg Realty.
Alice Crosta's book focuses on the fortune that Manzoni's works had outside of Italy, in particular in the United Kingdom and the United States, claiming how, in the past, the relationship of the Italian author with the two Anglo-Saxon countries was neglected, since the first monographic book on Manzoni, published by Vittoria Intonti and Rossella Maliardi, came out only in 2011.
Manzoni is necessary to: pursue a strategic repositioning of the Group, focusing on the most value-added business opportunities in the field of smart services and solutions applied to the energy efficiency sector, both in the field of electricity and mobility applications and asset management and in the field of the intelligent system for the recovery of natural resources; analyze the possibility of signing partnership agreements with both industrial and financial players to accelerate the growth plan.
The 20ft fibreglass monster stood tall in Manzoni Gardens in the old Bull Ring shopping centre for just six months back in 1972.
Alice Crosta, Alessandro Manzoni nei paesi anglosassoni, Languages and Cultures, no.
The other two locations, the storage area of Gallerie d'ltalia and Casa Manzoni, featured works created specifically for the occasion and dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni, the great Italian writer: L'occhio di Alessandro Manzoni (Alessandro Manzoni's Eye), 2016, and I promessi sposi cancellati per venticinque lettori e died appestati (The Betrothed Erased for TwentyFive Readers and Ten People Afflicted by Plague), 2016.
Civil service chief executive John Manzoni insisted the Prime Minister would have to order him to boost the severance packages because he "strongly" disagreed with the move.
Cabinet Office chief John Manzoni warned this went beyond their contracts and would cost PS282,892 - and possibly far more when applied to 30 similar staff across Whitehall.
Designed by Hungerford artist Nicholas Monro, the 18ft fibreglass statue was originally commissioned for The City of Birmingham sculpture Project by the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation and it stood tall in Manzoni Gardens behind the original Bull Ring shopping centre for six months in 1972.
The Legends Requiem Concert is an amazing version of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem, a musical setting of the Roman Catholic funeral mass, composed in memory of the Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni.