Maori Battalion

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Māori Battalion

1. (Historical Terms) the Māori unit of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War II
2. (Military) the Māori unit of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War II
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The Te-Arawa tribe, which had been a colonial ally during the Land Wars, and the Maori Battalion were participants in a re-enactment pageant (Treaty of Waitangi 1940).
Of the many exploits of 28 Maori Battalion in the Second World War, none is more renowned than the capture of Takrouna, a rocky crag in central Tunisia.
The national Maori mental health nursing conference, held in March at Te Puna o te Matauranga Marae (Northtec) in Whangarei, captured the theme E Tu He Maori koe--Stand proud, you ore Maori, the challenge that Ngapuhi leader Taa Hemi Henare gave to the Maori Battalion during World War 2.
(5) The novel was inspired, as Grace says in the Author's Notes, by her father's active service with the Maori Battalion in the Italian Campaigns from 1944 (283).
(7) Grace reconstructs the Maori Battalion's part within the New Zealand Division in the battles for Cassino in 1944, and their capture of the railway station round house and attack on the Hotel Continental, a centre of German resistance, drawing upon J.F.
For Tu, by contrast, in finding a new home in the company of the Maori battalion, 'backhome' confers a distinctive collective identity; Tu's comrades describe themselves as 'the backhome boys' (110).
For Strange Resting Places, by Taki Rua Productions, Maori artist Rob Mokaraka and his Italian counterpart, Paolo Rotondo, both reached into their family histories to construct a tale of the Maori Battalion stationed in Italy in World War II.
As is detailed by Vasey (3), this hiring of Maori Battalion veteran Bennett was actually typical of the care Hollywood studios often took to avoid offence.
Joe joins the nationally mythologized Maori Battalion and dies in the retreat from Crete.
This phrase was used with Ngata and the Young Maori Party and then again with the Maori Battalion and its leaders and one wonders about its sense in the text and the title of this book.
As a child he knew that Buster, his father, 'was overseas during the war, Maori Battalion an' all that'.
It is said that a vacuum was created in Maori leadership as the result of the attraction of Maori men into the Maori Battalion during World War II.