Maori warden

Māori warden

a person appointed to exercise advisory and minor disciplinary powers in Māori communities
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If we allow ourselves to be so easily swayed by an irresponsible and shallow thinking media, then we should not complain when some thuggish Maori warden orders us off the beach or our Maori neighbour's child gets preference in university placement and fees or unelected iwi councillors increase the rates.
In activities such as being a Maori warden and policing customary fishing rights, the concept of public service overlays the concept of obligation in the Maori community.
However, as with night patrols and Aboriginal police aides in Australia, the role of the Maori warden is fraught with ambivalence and conflict.
Ending restrictions on Maori drinking in bars produced several Maori initiatives to deal with problems such as appointed Maori wardens with powers over liquor-related disturbances, pub patrons and sly-grogging (Hutt, 1999).
A positive view of history is also used in pamphlets for educating Maori wardens and leaders at marae (traditional meeting places) to promote moderation.
Police and Maori wardens kept the crowd of protesters away from Key but they could not stop the chants of "we don t want to listen to you" and "go home".
A network of whanau advocates to liaise with community groups and Maori wardens has been established to work with fatuities experiencing hardship to ensure they are getting all available assistance.