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In particular, the chapter describing the Diploma of Maoritanga at Victoria University of Wellington by Hall et al.
Oceania will have shown the world the distinctiveness and rootedness of Maoritanga. British-born pakeha, who used to think of Britain as 'home', now embrace Maori values and traditions.
Hotere's integration of Catholicism and Maoritanga reminds us that Christianity was, in essence, based upon a New Covenant--it was a religion which, by its very nature, sought to graft itself onto the traditions of the people who encountered it.
King (Ed.), Te Ao Hurihuri: Aspects of Maoritanga (pp.
However, in many respects their focus was simply on a specific aspect of the same early-mid 20th century mind-set that was more broadly reflected in the later series; in this case the way that the Pakeha state had co-opted aspects of Maoritanga as part of its own self-identity, at a time when New Zealand believed that it had the best race-relations in the world.
Ways of knowing include ways of being, which include our own understandings of our Aboriginality, or Maoritanga for Maori students.
These events perpetuate fundamental principles that tie and bind Maori together; reinforcing the Maori language and Maori cultural practices that affirm our Maoritanga, our being Maori, through observation, participation, and practice.
Te Maoritanga wellbeing and identity: Kapa Haka as a vehicle for Maori health promotion (Master's thesis).
For example, Pakeha tertiary educator Ockwell (2012) from the University of Otago school of Physical Education describes using waka ama through partnerships established with local tangatawhenua to teach students about Maoritanga. In these ways, outdoor education in Aotearoa New Zealand can become more sensitive to its cultural history.
Growing up kaapo Maori: WhUnau, identity, cultural well-being and health [E tipu kaapo Maa ori nei: Whanaungatanga, Maaramatanga, Maoritanga, Hauoratanga].