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 (măr′ə-kī′bō, mä′rä-kī′vō)
A city of northwest Venezuela south of the Gulf of Venezuela at the outlet of Lake Maracaibo, the largest lake of South America. Founded in 1571, the city is a major port on a dredged channel allowing access for oceangoing vessels.


(ˌmærəˈkaɪbəʊ; Spanish maraˈkaiβo)
1. (Placename) a port in NW Venezuela, on the channel from Lake Maracaibo to the Gulf of Venezuela: the second largest city in the country; University of Zulia (1891); major oil centre. Pop: 2 182 000 (2005 est)
2. (Placename) Lake Maracaibo a lake in NW Venezuela, linked with the Gulf of Venezuela by a dredged channel: centre of the Venezuelan and South American oil industry. Area: about 13 000 sq km (500 sq miles)


(ˌmær əˈkaɪ boʊ)

1. a seaport in NW Venezuela. 1,249,670.
2. Lake, a lake in NW Venezuela, an extension of the Gulf of Venezuela: the largest lake in South America. 6300 sq. mi. (16,320 sq. km).
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Noun1.Maracaibo - a port city in northwestern VenezuelaMaracaibo - a port city in northwestern Venezuela; a major oil center
Republic of Venezuela, Venezuela - a republic in northern South America on the Caribbean; achieved independence from Spain in 1811; rich in oil
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The Ambassador of the Diplomatic and Consular Career of Colombia has worked as Consul General of Colombia in Brussels, diplomatic officer in the Embassy of Colombia in the Netherlands, in the Embassy of Colombia in the Czech Republic, in the Embassy of Colombia in Caracas and at the General Consulate of Colombia in Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Rincon is a graduate if the Universidad del Zulia Medical School in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 2008 and completed his residency in internal medicine at Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ in 2015.
Maurel & Prom confirmed that it is working on the acquisition of Shell Exploration and Production Investments B.V.'s 40% interest as "Shareholder B" in Petroregional del Lago Mixed Company, which operates the Urdaneta West field in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Maurel & Prom Venezuela, subsidiary of Maurel & Prom, has signed a Share Sale and Purchase Agreement with Shell.
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