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also Mah·rat·ta  (mə-rä′tə, -răt′ə)
n. pl. Maratha or Ma·ra·thas also Mahratta or Ma·rat·tas
A member of a traditionally Hindu people inhabiting Maharashtra state in India.

[Marathi Marāṭhā, from Sanskrit Mahārāṣṭraḥ, Maharashtra.]


(məˈrɑːtə) or


(Peoples) a member of a people of India living chiefly in Maharashtra


or Mah•rat•ta

(məˈrɑ tə)

n., pl. -thas or -tas.
1. a member of an agricultural caste or cluster of castes of the state of Maharashtra in India.
a. a native speaker of Marathi.
b. a native or inhabitant of Maharashtra.
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Noun1.Maratha - a member of a people of India living in MaharashtraMaratha - a member of a people of India living in Maharashtra
Indian - a native or inhabitant of India
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The players took a commanding 4-0 lead against Veer Marathas before conceding the first point in the nine-bout tie.
The great warrior race of Marathas is all set to resume battle, but on a fresh battle ground, the cricket fields of the UAE.
Interestingly, almost all political parties have lent support to the Marathas who comprise 32 per cent of the state's population.
Set against a background when the Marathas were advancing northwards from Maharastra and vanquishing the Mughal Empire, which was by then breathing its last, Bajirao Mastani is a period film that does justice to the times it presents.
The movie has already led to unrest in Belagavi, which has a sizeable population of Marathas, who are keen on the city being included under Maharashtra territory.
Lately both the Congress and the NCP have been losing their OBC base, including the support of Marathas to the Shiv Sena and the BJP and this was too opportune an occasion to let go of - I am sure Pawar knew he would accomplish nothing by opposing the award to Purandare - the government was not likely to cow down.
What it means for employers is huge," Peter Marathas, an attorney at Proskauer Rose, told InsideCounsel.
171) gave its approval for 16% reservations for Maratha community (roughly 32% of the state's population and in addition to the Kunbi Marathas, already included in the list of OBCs in Maharashtra) and 5% reservation for 50 backward Muslim communities (roughly 10.
Maharashtra was ruled by the Mughals till the early 17th century after which the Marathas were the predominant power in the region.
The naval headquarters of the Marathas, Shivaji built it with 32 turrets, while the wall of the fort stretches over a mile against the horizon.
This is in sharp contrast to his later discussion on the Nayakas and the Marathas.
The British had 346 killed or wounded but the Marathas lost all their guns and most of their army.