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Noun1.Marattiales - lower ferns coextensive with the family MarattiaceaeMarattiales - lower ferns coextensive with the family Marattiaceae
plant order - the order of plants
family Marattiaceae, Marattiaceae - constituting the order Marattiales: chiefly tropical eusporangiate ferns with gigantic fronds
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Various Chinese medicinal plants are club-moss, Hejue, wall fern, Chinese wolfberry, Marattiales, Osmunda japonica, Polygonum suffultum Maxim, Honghuachang, potygonum multiflorum thunb, giant knotweed, potato, asarum, Catunaregam spinosa in Lu Mountain, China Mahonia, Cyclea racemosa Oliv.
it would be the branch between the Marattiales and the