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Noun1.Marcel Duchamp - French artist who immigrated to the United StatesMarcel Duchamp - French artist who immigrated to the United States; a leader in the dada movement in New York City; was first to exhibit commonplace objects as art (1887-1968)
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Bottle Rack" by conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp has been on display since Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reported.
En 1917, el frances Marcel Duchamp causo revuelo en la historia del arte contemporaneo, cuando expuso su "Fountain" ("La fuente"), un ready made firmado con el sudonimo "R.
Among the artists are Willem de Kooning, Marcel Duchamp, Winslow Homer, Grandma Moses, Georgia O'Keeffe, Maxfield Parrish, and Jackson Pollock.
Marcel Duchamp, un juego entre mi y yo es el codice que Francois Olislaeger ha escrito y dibujado para caminar la vida del artista.
In 1913, Marcel Duchamp revolutionised art when he created his first readymade, Bicycle Wheel--a work that would be unveiled to the public the following year.
Among examples are Picasso owns three Siamese cats, Marcel Duchamp only two.
There's an art of contemptAlfred Jarry opening Ubu Roi with a bellowed expletive, Marcel Duchamp exhibiting a urinal as art, Johnny Rotten snarling "God save the Queen," or the young Bob Dylan hurling accusations at "Mr.
Duchamp and Dada" - Wesley Hurd will explore the role that artist Marcel Duchamp played in 20th century art at 7 p.
During the winter of 2008, the city of Buenos Aires hosted the first exhibition devoted to Marcel Duchamp held in Argentina, meant, essentially, to commemorate the artist's nine-month sojourn there in 1918-19.
Portrait of Marcel Duchamp of 1917 (Philadelphia Museum of Art, Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection), a small ink on paper drawing, was executed by Picabia after he had left New York for good in October 1917.
A urinal became art in 1917 when Marcel Duchamp turned one on its side and titled it Fountain
This statement might well be attributed to Marcel Duchamp, the 'originator' of the readymade, if one were to hazard an educated guess, but it is in fact from the introductory pages of Martin Heidegger's 1936 essay "The Origin of the Work of Art" ("Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes").