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Noun1.Marcel Marceau - French mime famous for his sad-faced clown (born in 1923)Marcel Marceau - French mime famous for his sad-faced clown (born in 1923)
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In the meantime, the remaining eight games of this World Cup will continue to be dominated by undeserved bookings, players taking a plunge after a tap on the toe, and more mime artistry than you'd see at a Marcel Marceau convention.
SAN FRANCISCO Marcel Marceau (Sp) Theater on the Square ($45; 740; $123,000)(10/5/99-10/24/99).
One recent wintry day in downtown Manhattan, the high-ceilinged studio of photographer Tom Caravaglia was the site of the meeting of two renowned mimes, Marcel Marceau
"When most people think 'mime' they think Marcel Marceau," he says.
Family friend Fr Michael McGoldrick described the popular puppeteer as a gifted artist who could count legendary mime artist Marcel Marceau and singer Michael Jackson as his friends.
Negotiations are ongoing for a special appearance by the Spice Girls, paying homage to the late, lamented master of mime, Marcel Marceau.
Gothenburg has already enjoyed some surreal Marcel Marceau moments - heptathlon goddess Carolina Kluft celebrated her gold medal with the bouncing victory dance of a deranged kangaroo.
And lest we forget, Robbie Fowler would have been on course for a knighthood for his Marcel Marceau impersonations in 1999.
SAN FRANCISCO Marcel Marceau (M) Theater on the Square ($45; 740; $123,000)(10/5/99-10/24/99) PW, $61,065 Last (2nd) wk, $97,358.
Like the work of Alwin Nikolais, with whom he studied (in addition to Marcel Marceau and Merce Cunningham), Decoufle's work is all about appearance and magic, transformation and illusion, but also about detail and timing: the elements that transform individual ideas (let's have dancers on elasticized ropes, bounding on and off a sofa; let's do a dance echoed by an inverted mirror-figure directly beneath) into a collage of resonantly humorous and poetic images.
BBC4 are planning a tribute programme to mime artist Marcel Marceau who died earlier this year.
KILLINASCULLY star Jack Walsh has the late Marcel Marceau to thank for his happy home life.