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n.1.A thin silk fabric used for linings, etc., in ladies' dresses.
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She was walking with her nurse Marceline, in the place where the woodmen cut the wood, when, passing on horseback, I stopped.
From this point of view the clasp with which Beaumarchis' Cherubin seizes Marceline is a stroke of genius.
Her one word "hurry" was conveyed by the crews to the engineers at Nickerson, Topeka, and Marceline, where the grades are easy, and they brushed the Continent behind them.
On February 2, 1963, Bob married Marceline "Marcie" Chadwick at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, North Chicago.
Executive Director Marceline Nyambala yesterday said female journalists' rights must be protected as women faced a challenge because the society was patriarchal.
Jim met Marceline when he was eighteen and she was twenty-one.
Mom and dad will finally have their burial," Marceline Udry-Dumoulin told (http://www.
The youngest Marceline Udry-Dumoulin said: "We spent our whole lives looking for them, without stopping.
We thought that we could give them the funeral they deserved one day," their youngest daughter Marceline Udry-Dumoulin told the Lausanne daily Le Matin.
We spent our whole lives looking for them," Marceline Udry-Dumoulin
Michel is portrayed as a "watcher"; he observes Marceline in her banal tasks, declaring: "I watch: I see the sun, I see the shade [.