Viola odorata

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Noun1.Viola odorata - European violet typically having purple to white flowersViola odorata - European violet typically having purple to white flowers; widely naturalized
violet - any of numerous low-growing violas with small flowers
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The books are not chronological -- Gunther starts his ( literary) journey in March Violets , which is set in 1936, when Hitler has begun to run seriously amok, but the third book, A German Requiem , finds Gunther in 1947, in Russian- controlled East Berlin.
The March Violets, a post punk Goth band who have recorded sessions with John Peel, will be making an appearance on Saturday night at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club.
Philip Kerr introduced German detective Bernie Gunther in Berlin Noir--a trilogy consisting of March Violets (1989), The Pale Criminal (1990), and A German Requiem (1991); Kerr reprises him for the ninth time in A Man Without Breath, a tightly focused crime novel spanning three violent months in the middle of World War II.