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a.1.Under the influence of Mars; courageous; bold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There are also coins of Roman emperors, Theodosius II (408-50 AD), Marcian (450-57 AD) and Leo I (457-74 AD), and one gold coin of a Kashmir king Shailabavirya (c.
Cornwall's epic Marcian Colomia, and Keats's 1817 sonnet
18 with Bach's "Saint John Passion," featuring the Collegium Musicale Choir and Corelli Baroque Orchestra under the baton of Gianluca Marcian?.
and even Byzatine emperor Marcian (450-457) (FAUCHET 1579, p.
More academic, then: When Marcian Summoned the Council, the note he sent--a mental Note to self: find the note--asked bishops whether Jesus was human or divine and-- "Mars, eh?" A hobo eyes my sheet.
The author "seems to have completely forgotten" the personality of certain characters who had appeared in the previous novels, while others, such as "the august Marcian or the energetic MikaLe, reappear rotten and devitalised, almost useless." (Protopopescu 2000: 121, 122)
There are few studies about arterial vascularization of the ganglion and regulation of the blood flow on the ganglion in humans (Tubbs et al., 2002), dogs (Chungcharoen et al., 1952; Marcian and Jenkins, 1967) and rats (DePace, 1981; Santer and Owen, 1986; Chunhabundit et al., 1992; Mikusek et al., 1994; McManis et al., 1997).
Karen Fulton, Pat Ryan, Brad Johnson, John LeCloux, Michael Marcian, Lori Norcross and Ian Flynn have also joined the board of directors.
Baluta, Monica Mariana, and Marius Marcian Vintila (2014), "Infective Endocarditis--A Continuous Challenge," American Journal of Medical Research 1(1): 53-64.
Barbara's son, John Bemelmans Marcian, is also involved in the licensing program.