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a.1.Under the influence of Mars; courageous; bold.
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Seigel and Ford (1991, 1992) demonstrated that increased rates of pre-ovulation feeding resulted in larger clutches in both red cornsnakes (Pantherophis guttatus, oviparous) and checkered gartersnakes (Thamnophis marcianus, viviparous).
56) These principles revealed themselves again during the deposition of Marcianus, bishop of Arles, albeit with different results.
this in an edition of Marcianus, book 1 Institutes, in which the exact
the LOS was a second- century work of the Roman jurist Marcianus, which
1) Non solo l'identita dei quattro accusatori di Petrarca non e rivelata (se non in una glossa al testo nel codice Marcianus lat.
The first recorded concern for this predicament is found in a letter from Pope Leo I to Emperor Marcianus on June 15, 453 C.
Although Cyprian claimed that Marcianus had separated himself from communion, a careful reading of the letter would suggest that the bishop of Aries had not joined in schism, but had continued to endorse a rigorist policy with regard to the lapsi at a time when most other bishops had softened their initial positions.
16) There can be no doubt that his edition was a success: the text he established so carefully was followed until 1788, the date of the publication by Jean-Baptiste Gaspard d'Ansse de Villoisin of MS Venetus Marcianus A of the Iliad, with its numerous scholia which had remained undiscovered until then.