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n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of a Gnostic sect of the second century, so called from Marcus, an Egyptian, who was reputed to be a margician.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the House of Representatives, militant lawmakers denounced Ano's proposal, calling it a 'throwback to the Marcosian dictatorship.'
Monstrous, brutalist, Marcosian in its aesthetics, but beautiful--it tells a story.
There are forces that want toend this story and restore Marcosian rule.
Some also believed that she was affected by her well-known aversion to anything 'Marcosian.' Of course, everybody knew that the nuclear plant was a pet project of the Marcos regime.
Duterte's pro-Marcos stance could inspire some opposition leaders to find a common ground with Leftist groups in forming a broader unity against the return of Marcosian rule in the country.
In fact, thousands of actual survivors of the horrors of the Marcosian Martial Law can debunk these false claims of Enrile.
Notwithstanding the scope of their authority, however, the Apache chairmen operate within a set of cultural norms that severely restrict their possible Marcosian (rent-seeking) behaviour.
Such "Marcosian" (after former President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines) rent-seeking (i.e., the use of the power and resources of government to enrich those in power rather than to add to social wealth) is socially destructive.
Her first act will be to clip the censorship powers of the board, which was created by a Marcosian edict.
The two progressive lawmakers also slammed the proposal of Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano as 'anti-democratic' and a 'throwback to Marcosian dictatorship.'
In fact, the story was corroborated by historian Augusto "Toto" M.R Gonzales III who described in his blog entry "Remembrance of Things Awry" dated September 19, 2006 "a singularly beautiful and elegant Filipino occasion on its own, the very definition of what is now termed and reminisced with awe as "Marcosian splendor."