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Noun1.Herbert Marcuse - United States political philosopher (born in Germany) concerned about the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and modern technology (1898-1979)
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Funke's edited work, The Great Refusal: Herbert Marcuse and Contemporary Social Movements, delves into the historical roots and social theoretical foundations of the recent resistance through a Marcusian lens.
Both contrasted Kropotkin's principled stand in the late nineteenth century against 'all dogmatic systems' to the politics of the 'New Left' in the 1960s, which had, despite the movement's language, 'already begun to build a new prison with its Marcusian, Maoist, and Guevara walls'.
Using a Marcusian lens, I unpack key policy documents within the Merida II Initiative, and the United States Northern Command and the United States Southern Command.
23) Here, Van Dijk seems to echo the old, well known Marcusian valuation of technology as a mode of production, as the totality of instruments, devices and contrivances which characterize the machine age' and ' a mode of organization and perpetuating (or changing) social relationships, a manifestation of prevalent thought and behavior patterns, an instrument for control and domination.
The Marcusian aspiration to pursue our own projects and pleasures has been imported into the realm of work itself.
This inherently "happily ever after" understanding underscores Suvin's pejorative reading where fantasy is considered affirmative in a Marcusian sense: an obfuscatory vessel of and for ruling ideology.
This, too, might have been a 'Jewish' contribution to psychoanalysis, less attractive to radicals but no less heartfelt--something the Marcusian and Lacanian critiques of American psychoanalysis have led us to forget.
I'll Give Them Unfreedom and One-Dimensional Thought: George Lucas, THX 1138, and the Persistence of Marcusian Social Critique in American Graffiti and the Star Wars Films.