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n.1.(Zool.) A European whitefish of the genus Coregonus.
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But so far, MARENA has been conspicuously silent on the matter.
Tisey-Estanzuela esta clasificada como Reserva Natural segun la Ley General de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de Nicaragua (MARENA, 2006), se encuentra ubicada en las Cordilleras Centrales, las cuales se caracterizan por terrenos con relieves muy accidentados; su punto mas alto es el Cerro Tisey a 1 500 msnm.
Step forward one-stop-shop Mel- ariche, which offers all the best brands in skincare and make-up suitable for women with darker skin tones, from Iman Cosmetics and Marena Beaute to 3107.
Abaci, Angelita, Marena Briones, Tatiana Cordero, Rosa Manzo, and Marta Marchan.
The legal uncertainties regarding land use have delayed the wind power park, which was known as Marena Renovables when it was first proposed four years ago.
(2) Entre las tesis podemos mencionar a Alejandro CASTANEIRA YEN BEN, "La ruta marena. Los huaves en la costa del istmo Sur de Tehuantepec.
(39.) Buzzelli G, Moscarella S, Giusti A, Duchini A, Marena C, Lampertico M.
Industrial customers now have a complete solution they can leverage to access their IoT product securely via BLE, Wi- Fi or the cloud on any Android, IOS device or PC, said Ted Marena, director of SOC/FPGA marketing at Microsemi.