n.1.A military officer of high rank; a marshal.
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did I exclaim internally, as I gazed upon these good soldiers of the cross, where they lie sculptured on their sepulchres, O, worthy William de Mareschal! open your marble cells, and take to your repose a weary brother, who would rather strive with a hundred thousand pagans than witness the decay of our Holy Order!''
Within this method there are two main areas: the methods of family ELimination and Choice Expressing the Reality (ELECTRE) and Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) (Vincke, 1992; Roy, 1996; Brans & Mareschal, 2002; Palha et al., 2016).
: Oraison funebre sur les trespas de feu tres noble et tres valeureux; Messire Chrestien de Sauigny, Seigneur de Rone, Mareschal de France, & faissant la charge de Mareschal de Camp general de l'armee de sa Maieste Catholique, Bruselas, Iean Mommaert, 1596.
Although numerous studies have focused on understanding the mineralogy and chemical composition of granites, only a few have dealt with the effects of the contrasting origins and mineralogy on weathering and soil formation processes (Gontier et al., 2015; Mareschal, Turpault, & Ranger, 2015; Silva et al., 2016).
Philip Mareschal, Head of Property and Asset Management of JLL Philippines explains: 'Now, more than ever, real estate investments require the needed expertise to unlock their full potential.
Musical Minorities is a significant and welcome contribution to the western academic literature about Hmong music: it is both the first scholarly study in English devoted specifically to Hmong musical activities in Vietnam, and it is also the most comprehensive account of Hmong music in Southeast Asia in general since the work of Mareschal (1976) and Jahnichen (2006) in Laos, and Schworer-Kohl in Thailand (1981, 1982, 1990 and 1991).
Mareschal. How to select and how to rank projects: The PROMETHEE method.
Mareschal, Labor Relations in the Public Sector 26 (5th ed.
The PROMETHEE method was presented by Brans and Mareschal in 1994 to handle qualitative and discrete alternatives (Corrente et al.
According to Philip Mareschal, Head of Property and Asset Management (PAM): "JLL is the pioneer in Property Management here in the Philippines, and continues to be the top of mind provider for the real estate service.
Many other studies are unable to find any significant relationship between consolidation and disparities in personal or household income in a metropolitan region (Austin 1999; Morgan & Mareschal 1999; Post & Stein 2000; Martin & Schiff 2011).
O barao de Mareschal, em oficio a Viena, informaria que: "Ha muito tempo que a senhora viscondessa de Santos trabalhou neste caso, Sua Majestade recusava, mas, provavelmente, a morte do filho que ele teve com essa dama e a popularidade que lhe deu a renuncia a Portugal, te-lo-ia feito arriscar agora esse ato".