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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) A compound of the so-called margaric acid with a base.
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Nurses: Making Policy from Bedside to Boardroom, edited by Rebecca Patton, Margarate Zalon, and Ruth Ludwick, will highlight the tremendous impact nurses have made, are making, and must make on health policy in both micro and macro arenas and provide nurses with intellectual and practical leadership tools to do more.
The victim has been identified as Mary Margarate Rose, 60, from the south Indian state of Kerala.
In association with Al Hilal Hospital, LuLu Hypermarket has also arranged a health check up for expectant mothers along with a doctors' session with consultant gynaecologists Dr Shashi Kumar and Dr Maha Ahmed and child specialists Dr Mary Margarate, Dr Sredevi Radhakrishnan.
two sisters, Margarate Anderson of Corvallis and Nola Kidd of Beaverton; and three grandchildren.
They also ignored Margarate Mead's methodological approach, which was developed in 1962.
Margarate Sandelowski, PhD, RN, FAAN, has been named the Cary C.