Margaret Thatcher

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Noun1.Margaret Thatcher - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
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In my view as a Geordie Margaret Thatcher was a great woman and a great leader.
( A campaign to get the song to No 1 has been gathering momentum since ( the death of Margaret Thatcher on 8 April.
- Lisa Bruton, Birmingham TO give Margaret Thatcher a state funeral like the one we gave Princess Diana would cheapen the memory of the People's Princess.
Summary: Conor Burns, a close friend of Margaret Thatcher, has said those celebrating her death "hate her because she won".
It was this that allowed Margaret Thatcher, the character, to take on the mantle of Shakespearean tragic protagonist, played out with padded shoulders, nipped-in waist and structured handbags.
Ryan Jones, 24, a chef from Maesteg, said: "I don't know why Margaret Thatcher is up there.
He said: "Margaret Thatcher, by the way, spanked Christopher Hitchens.
A NEW documentary series is set to "reignite the debate" about Margaret Thatcher.
Our pictures include the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher visiting the old Head Wrightson works in 1987, Tony Blair working hard for Northumbrian Water in 2002 and the now Prime Minister talking to Teessiders on Yarm High Street in 2005.
TODAY marks 25 years since Margaret Thatcher announced her resignation as Prime Minister after more than a decade in power.
The fact that she refers to that programme having been broadcast during the 1990's "at the height of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government" implies that the problems highlighted in the programme were a consequence of the policies of that government.