Margaret of Navarre

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Margaret of Na·varre

 (nə-vär′, nä-) also Mar·gue·rite de Na·varre (mär′gə-rēt′ də nä-vär′) 1492-1549.
Queen of Navarre (1527-1549) who wrote the Heptameron, an unfinished collection of stories modeled on Boccaccio's Decameron.

Margaret of Navarre

(Biography) Also: Margaret of Angoulême 1492–1549, queen of Navarre (1544–49) by marriage to Henry II of Navarre; sister of Francis I of France. She was a poet, a patron of humanism, and author of the Heptaméron (1558)

Mar′garet of Navarre′

1492–1549, queen of Navarre 1544–49 and author. Also called Mar′garet of An•gou•lême′ (ˌɑŋ gʊˈlɛm)
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