Margaret of Anjou

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Mar·gar·et of An·jou

 (mär′gə-rət, -grət; ăn-jo͞o′, äN-zho͞o′) 1430?-1482.
French-born queen consort of Henry VI of England. She led the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses and was captured (1471) and ransomed to France (1476).
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Margaret of Anjou

(Biography) 1430–82, queen of England. She married the mentally unstable Henry VI of England in 1445 to confirm the truce with France during the Hundred Years' War. She became a leader of the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses and was defeated at Tewkesbury (1471) by Edward IV
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Mar′ga•ret of An′jou

(ˈmɑr gə rɪt, -grɪt)
1430–82, queen of Henry VI of England.
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It features King Henry VI and his wife Margaret of Anjou, surrounded by many of the people they knew in life.
Away from the shops, restaurants and bars Eccleshall was more traditionally known in times past for its connection to the Bishops of Lichfield and its castle, where Margaret of Anjou, wife of King Henry VI, stayed at the time of the Battle of Blore Heath during the Wars of the Roses.
The team spent two days in the city filming sketches based onLady Godivaand Margaret of Anjou as well as a song for Ira Aldridge, after conversations with the team from theCoventry City of Cultureand Historic Coventry Trusts.
? The Lowry / / 0843 208 6000 / Friday, September 14, 8pm / PS12 Theatre / Queen Margaret Written by Jeanie O'Hare, Queen Margaret is a new work which draws on four of Shakespeare's history plays - the three parts of Henry VI and Richard III - to retell the War of the Roses through the eyes of Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI.
Other key characters, such as Margaret of Anjou, Elizabeth of York and her uncle Richard III, also arrived to continue the story with more action and betrayal, and portrayed their parts fantastically.
For example, searching the title Earl of Wanuick picks up what appear to be separate plays at Drury Lane in 1719, Southwark Fair in 1730 (a droll), at Drury Lane from 1766 and a shortened version of that play at Covent Garden under the title The Earl of Warwick and Margaret of Anjou.
Among them is one woman, who portrays Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI, who owing to her husband's insanity, ruled the kingdom in his place.
Mary-Rose McLaren compares Margaret of Anjou as she is represented in BL, MS Egerton 1995 (Gregory's Chronicle) to her character in 3 Henry VI.
Set 17 years after the death of Henry V, England is ruled by the Duke of Gloucester (Hugh) and tensionsbuild when Margaret of Anjou (Sophie Okonedo) is introduced at court Benedict reckons bringing such a good cast together could only happen on TV.
Sarah Yates, recently widowed actress and mother, played a London benefit performance of Francklin's Earl of Warwick, winning her audience's sympathy for her "mama grizzly" portrayal of Margaret of Anjou.
WHO was the English king to whom Margaret of Anjou was |married?
Margaret of Anjou was the wife of Henry VI, last sovereign of the house of Lancaster.