Margaret of Valois

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Margaret of Val·ois

also Marguerite de Val·ois  (văl-wä′) 1553-1615.
Queen consort whose marriage (1572) to Henry of Navarre, later Henry IV of France, was dissolved in 1599.

Margaret of Valois

(Biography) 1553–1615, daughter of Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici; queen of Navarre (1572) by marriage to Henry of Navarre. The marriage was dissolved (1599) after his accession as Henry IV of France: noted for her Mémoires

Mar′garet of Valois′

( “Queen Margot” ) 1533–1615, 1st wife of Henry IV of France: queen of Navarre.
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In the female category, Elizabeth of Sweden came first with two hours and thirty-six minutes followed by Aziza al- Raji of Morocco, winner of last year's title, with 3 hours and three minutes and Margaret of France with three hours and forty-one minutes.
As he grew older, his temper grew more savage and his second wife, Margaret of France, had to try to protect the children from their father's anger.
Margaret, of Valoisalso called Margaret of France or Queen Margot French Marguerite de Valois, or de France, or Reine Margot (b.