Margaret of Navarre

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Margaret of Na·varre

 (nə-vär′, nä-) also Mar·gue·rite de Na·varre (mär′gə-rēt′ də nä-vär′) 1492-1549.
Queen of Navarre (1527-1549) who wrote the Heptameron, an unfinished collection of stories modeled on Boccaccio's Decameron.

Margaret of Navarre

(Biography) Also: Margaret of Angoulême 1492–1549, queen of Navarre (1544–49) by marriage to Henry II of Navarre; sister of Francis I of France. She was a poet, a patron of humanism, and author of the Heptaméron (1558)

Mar′garet of Navarre′

1492–1549, queen of Navarre 1544–49 and author. Also called Mar′garet of An•gou•lême′ (ˌɑŋ gʊˈlɛm)
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Ladies answered back with historiettes that would almost have made Queen Margaret of Navarre or even the great Elizabeth of England hide behind a handkerchief, but nobody hid here, but only laughed -- howled, you may say.
What we have, then, is a collection of all twenty-four speeches, a selection of letters, and all the poems and prayers, but no samplings from any of Elizabeth's translations of Plutarch, Horace, Boethius, Petratch, or Margaret of Navarre. The arrangement is both chronological and generic: Elizabeth's life is divided into four periods, and the works of each period are grouped by genre and then arranged chronologically inside each genre.
Margaret, of Angouleme also called Margaret of Navarre French Marguerite d'Angouleme or de Navarre(b.