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A cocktail made with tequila, an orange-flavored liqueur, and lemon or lime juice, often served with salt encrusted on the rim of the glass.

[Perhaps from Spanish margarita, daisy (on the model of English magnolia, a kind of cocktail popular before the margarita), or from the Spanish name Margarita, Margaret, both from Latin margarīta, pearl, from Greek margarītēs; see margarite.]




(Brewing) a mixed drink consisting of tequila and lemon juice
[C20: from the woman's name]


(Placename) an island in the Caribbean, off the NE coast of Venezuela: pearl fishing. Capital: La Asunción


(ˌmɑr gəˈri tə)

n., pl. -tas.
a cocktail of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur.
[1960–65; < Sp, Margaret]
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Noun1.margarita - a cocktail made of tequila and triple sec with lime and lemon juicemargarita - a cocktail made of tequila and triple sec with lime and lemon juice
cocktail - a short mixed drink


[ˌmɑːgəˈriːtə] N (= drink) → margarita f


n, marguerita
nMargarita m (Tequila mit Zitronensaft)
References in classic literature ?
Daae revealed a new Margarita that night, a Margarita of a splendor, a radiance hitherto unsuspected.
Consider the motives, says Sergio Ramos, managing partner of New England restaurants Zapoteca Restaurante Y Tequileria and Mixteca Mexican Food & Margaritas. Some celebrities get involved with tequila because they like the product, he says, and some endorse brands for the money.
Margaritas, while traditionally associated with Mexico and the Caribbean, are native to the United States.
Chuy's: It's Cinco de Chuy's all weekend with these specials: $1 floaters Friday, May 3; $1 floaters and $1 off perfect margaritas Saturday, May 4; and $5 regular house ritas, $1 floaters, $1 off perfect margaritas, $1 off Dos Equis and $5 queso or guacamole Sunday, May 5.
Tickets for each two-hour session will include free-flowing margaritas from participating bars and restaurants, with revellers choosing the overall winner.
They have traditional ( margaritas up for grabs at $3.99 a piece.
New bar Margaritas is promising beach vibes, signature cocktails, a happy relaxed atmosphere and a soundtrack from Madonna and Michael Jackson to classic disco.
AFTERNOON ACAPULCO FUN To celebrate the classic cocktail, Cointreau threw a special party at The Island, complete with fun games and, of course, free-flowing Margaritas.
With the margaritas on your mind, do not forget to think about all the satisfying cuisines that are available for you to enjoy with your drink.
"Increasingly, more of our guests ask for margaritas nowadays - but they know what they want.
Delta is offering complimentary Tequila Avion margaritas to customers 21 and over on select flights.