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 (mär′gāt′, -gət)
A seaside resort of southeast England east of London.


(Placename) a town and resort in SE England, in E Kent on the Isle of Thanet. Pop: 58 465 (2001)


(ˈmɑr gɪt, -geɪt)

a city in NE Kent, in SE England: seaside resort. 122,500.
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Noun1.Margate - a grunt with a red mouth that is found from Florida to Brazilmargate - a grunt with a red mouth that is found from Florida to Brazil
grunt - medium-sized tropical marine food fishes that utter grunting sounds when caught
genus Haemulon, Haemulon - type genus of the Haemulidae
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Anderson was a fan of the innovative structure of Margate Pier using iron and wood.
A musical troupe entertaining holidaymakers at Margate Pier, Kent, designed by Birch and opened in 1855 (photo: c.
From his first, Margate pier in the 1850s, to Plymouth pier in 1884, when he died, Birch sought to bring the exotic to holiday spots.
LONG JOURNEY: Top, Margate Pier. Above, On Lake Lucerne, looking from Fluelen; LOCAL REFLECTION: Ullswater, Cumberland, owned by the Wordsworth Trust.