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Noun1.Maria Mitchell - United States astronomer who studied sunspots and nebulae (1818-1889)Maria Mitchell - United States astronomer who studied sunspots and nebulae (1818-1889)
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It is very humbling to think that simple cups of Artists Cafe coffee could have fueled so many creative minds and moments," owners Irene Makris, Aris Mitchell and Maria Mitchell Tsourapas wrote.
When she wrote these words, Margaret Harwood was midway through her 40-year career as director of Maria Mitchell Observatory, much of it tutoring young women in variable-star work.
Baron neatly weaves together the stories of three scientific visionaries of the period: famous inventor Thomas Edison and astronomers James Craig Watson and Maria Mitchell. Edison hoped to use the eclipse to test his latest invention, a tasimeter (designed to measure the heat emanating from the sun's corona), and promote his scientific and creative reputation in the process.
With a fine reputation for his goods, he began to prosper but he may have remained another successful small manufacturer if he had not met Maria Mitchell. Her brothers, John and William, made steel pens but the process was laborious and quite expensive.
Other museums include the Maria Mitchell Association, named for the astronomer who lived here in the 1800s, which operates two observatories as well as Mitchell's own house on Vestal Street.
Mary Helen Wright Greuter born; an American historian of astronomy; worked as an assistant at Vassar astronomy department; worked at Mount Wilson, the United States Naval Observatory and the Maria Mitchell Observatory.
Maria Mitchell also encourages the use of other treatments such as teas, herbs, nutrition and supplements together with the use of essential oils.
1 1847: First femate astronomer Maria Mitchell discovers comet
Maria Mitchell, Ph.D., president of AMDeC, said, "By offering our members discounted access to services provided by BioStorage Technologies, AMDeC is helping to significantly reduce monthly expenditures and investments in capital equipment and facilities that can rapidly escalate operating costs."
Among the topics are a European perspective on making astronomical photographic data available, the astronomical photographic data archive at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, the Maria Mitchell observatory and its digitized plate collection, evaluating commercial scanners for astronomical image digitization, measuring the earth's ozone on historic stellar spectra, and making archival data available for research in the next decade and beyond.
Maria Mitchell was formerly married to Bobble Walton, a member of the U.S.