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(French marjan)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a female figure personifying the French republic after the Revolution (1789)


(ˌmɛər iˈæn, ˌmær-)

the French Republic personified as a woman.
References in classic literature ?
"What a pity it is, Elinor," said Marianne, "that Edward should have no taste for drawing."
Marianne was afraid of offending, and said no more on the subject; but the kind of approbation which Elinor described as excited in him by the drawings of other people, was very far from that rapturous delight, which, in her opinion, could alone be called taste.
"I hope, Marianne," continued Elinor, "you do not consider him as deficient in general taste.
Marianne was rejoiced to find her sister so easily pleased.
She believed the regard to be mutual; but she required greater certainty of it to make Marianne's conviction of their attachment agreeable to her.
Marianne was astonished to find how much the imagination of her mother and herself had outstripped the truth.
She could not consider her partiality for Edward in so prosperous a state as Marianne had believed it.
Release date- 06082019 - The board of Umea University has decided that senior professor Marianne Sommarin will be awarded the Umea University Medal of Merit in 2019.
Supt Marianne Huison left the force yesterday after a career described as 'outstanding.'.
Marianne Haboc was walking home from with three friends on October 1 last year, when Sobia Aftar, 33, hit the accelerator instead of the brake and knocked her down.
Sobia Aftar, 33, has now been jailed for 20 months for causing the death of little Marianne Haboc by careless driving.
GARHI KHAIRO -- The former PPP MPA Saira Shahliani and other Senators of PPP met with Marianne Williamson, the candidate for the presidential polls 2020 in the USA on Monday.