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Noun1.Marianne Moore - United States poet noted for irony and wit (1887-1872)
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" The grande dame of American poetry, Marianne Moore, wrote for the Nation in the same year and chimed in that the works of Villa are "bravely deep poems," where "final wisdom encountered in poem after poem merely serves to emphasize the disparity between tumult and stature." In this book, Villa also introduced a new method of rhyming called reversed consonance, which was overlooked by reviewers except Deutsch, who included it in her influential Poetry Handbook: A Dictionary of Terms.
At the opposite end of the economic spectrum, Harriet Jacobs wrote "at irregular intervals, whenever I could snatch an hour from household duties." Alice Walker wrote The Color Purple in the brief hours when her daughter was at school, while Katherine Anne Porter, whom Marianne Moore called the world's worst procrastinator, wrote in fits and starts, producing only one novel and 27 stories despite living to 90.
Bringing together twenty-five "poet-critics" of the modern era, this collection seeks the heart of lyric poetry's seven most prominent writers from England and the US: John Keats, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Gwendolyn Brooks, and W.
Since the year 2000, six new volumes of Marianne Moore's poetry have appeared, along with a prizewinning biography.
The impetus for this special issue on Marianne Moore was the March 2015 "21st Century Moore" conference at the University of Houston.
Roggiero is a rather small part but Marianne Moore let no one down in her final aria.
La Academia Sueca manda en la cabeza de mucha gente y no veo en que va a ayudar a Bob Dylan, tiene todos los premios como musico y como compositor, tiene muchisimo dinero, tiene una inmensa celebridad y fama, todo mundo lo conoce, de diferentes generaciones, tiene setenta y tantos anos y este premio nada mas va a confundir las cosas en el sentido de que nos hace pensar que lo que hace Bob Dylan es literatura comparable a la de los grandes poetas norteamericanos a los que pudo tocarles y no les toco el Nobel, como Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, Marianne Moore y el inmenso Ezra Pound.
In "Humility, Concentration, and Gusto," Marianne Moore defines a poem as "a concentrate" that has, and here she quotes Auden quoting Pope and Herbert,
Crowfeather's Ceramics Class" by DANIEL PAGE "Time-Lapse Photo" by LISA ROSINSKY "Marianne Moore Names the Galaxie" by MELISSA CANNON --David Lehman, judge 2015 Morton Marr Poetry Prize
He was the 1992 recipient of the ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Award for The sun, split like spun glass, a setting of three poems by Marianne Moore for soprano and chamber orchestra.
I wonder whether the Israeli-born Danish artist realizes that his aspiration is the reverse of that which was held by the American poet Marianne Moore, who famously desired to create "imaginary gardens with real toads in them." Not a fiction, then, "with a place for the genuine" in it, but a genuine place capable of housing the notional and ideal.