Marias River

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Ma·ri·as River

A river of northwest Montana flowing about 270 km (170 mi) generally southeast to the Missouri River.
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These they procure at the trading post of the American Fur Company, on Marias River, where they traffic their peltries for arms, ammunition, clothing, and trinkets.
Geoecology of the Marias River Canyon, Montana, USA: Landscape Influence on Human Use and Preservation of Late Holocene Archaeological and Vertebrate Remains
Lewis took one group north and explored the Marias River while Clark and another group turned south to strike the Yellowstone River.
The men thought the route ran to the northwest up the Marias River, while both Lewis and Clark thought the main river channel ran to the southwest.
At the start of our voyage, we had paused to see where Marias River flows into the Missouri; Lewis named it for a cousin he may have been sweet on.
Participating teachers in two school districts in Montana have developed "Community Portfolios" describing 200 years of change along the Marias River, an important geographical feature of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
However, they were lucky, and successfully crossed the Marias River and reached the Teton.
We paddle past Judith River, which Clark named for his true love back East; farther upstream Lewis named the Marias River for his.