Marie Curie

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Noun1.Marie Curie - French chemist (born in Poland) who won two Nobel prizesMarie Curie - French chemist (born in Poland) who won two Nobel prizes; one (with her husband and Henri Becquerel) for research on radioactivity and another for her discovery of radium and polonium (1867-1934)
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As well as the hospices, Marie Curie nurses work night and day in people's homes providing care and vital emotional support.
Putting this theory to the test was the Marie Curie Medical Team (The Fast And Delirious).
MARCH is traditionally the month when daodils appear after winter - and also the time when Marie Curie Cancer Care holds its annual Daodil Appeal.
Marie Curie Cancer Care is appealing for all residents to donate an hour of their time this March to sell daodil pins for the charity's annual appeal.
A TEAM from EDF Energy in Sunderland is celebrating after winning the inaugural company charity shop challenge event in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.
EDF Energy staff have pledged to do their bit and help raise thousands of pounds for the company's new charity partner Marie Curie Cancer Care.
FUNDRAISERS for Marie Curie Cancer Care are looking for volunteers for the charity's annual appeal.
WITH Christmas fast approaching, I am appealing for people to volunteer for Marie Curie Cancer Care's Great Daffodil Appeal, and help people with a terminal illness across Merseyside get the care they need.
MARIE Curie Cancer Care's appeal to build a new hospice for the West Midlands has been supported by the Prince of Wales.
Employees at West Midlands-based Construction Company Shaylor Group have put their fitness levels and brain power to the test for charity and have raised more than pounds 6,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care's Big Build appeal.
EVERYONE should have the right to choose how they spend their last days and, thanks to Marie Curie Cancer Care, many have done just that.