Marine Corps

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Marine Corps

n. Abbr. MC
A branch of the US armed forces composed chiefly of amphibious troops under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy.

Marine′ Corps`

a branch of the U.S. armed forces trained for sea-launched assaults on land targets.
[1790–1800, Amer.]
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Noun1.Marine Corps - an amphibious division of the United States NavyMarine Corps - an amphibious division of the United States Navy
United States Navy, US Navy, USN, Navy - the navy of the United States of America; the agency that maintains and trains and equips combat-ready naval forces
Marines - members of a body of troops trained to serve on land or at sea
Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, MCIA - an agency of the United States Marine Corps that provides responsive and broad intelligence support for the worldwide Marine Corps organization
devil dog, leatherneck, Marine, shipboard soldier - a member of the United States Marine Corps
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The Cyber Aux is part of the larger Marine Corps effort to better posture forces to conduct Operations in the Information Environment and is managed by the Deputy Commandant for Information, Lt.
Gabriel Adibe, a Marine Corps spokesman, said the helicopter crashed on the vast Marine Corps Air Station Yuma training grounds but no additional information was immediately available.
and Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) Commandant General Alvin Parreno to discuss the US Marine Corps-AFP partnership.
One Marine was confirmed to have been rescued, a Marine Corps spokesperson said.
The Marine Corps Coordinating Council annually takes part in Toys for Tots, done in concert with the Marine Corps League, Cooper Marines, the Salvation Army and the Holley Hellhounds.
Marine Corps (USMC), the JGSDF, and the Philippine Navy (PN) are conducting an amphibious joint-training exercise as a part of KAMANDAG 2 for future humanitarian operations.
Held every year since 1993 to help support quality-of-life programs for Marines at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corps Mud Run features the 10k Challenge, 5k Run, 2k Kids Run for ages 6-12 and a Virtual Run.
"It highlights the flexibility and agility that we have inside the Marine Corps to accomplish the mission," Price said.
Marine Corps confirmed Wednesday that Barclay-Weberpal died Tuesday morning as a result of an incident at the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton.
The institutionalization of maneuver philosophy began with the Marine Corps' educational system, analyzing the actual battlespace of warfare (be it humanitarian assistance, regular set-piece battles, or irregular guerrilla war) and the role that the leadership cadre of the Marine Corps played in this evolutionary transition from attrition to maneuver.
But Marine Corps leaders recently said they want to acquire about 9,100 vehicles, a 65 percent jump from the 5,500 they had sought to purchase.

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