Marine barometer

a barometer with tube contracted at bottom to prevent rapid oscillations of the mercury, and suspended in gimbals from an arm or support on shipboard.
See under Barometer.

See also: Barometer, Marine

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This fine example of an early Victorian marine barometer, divided on ivory with angled scale, in a slender rosewood case with thermometer, arched top and brass moulded cistern, sold for pounds 1,050 was made in her warehouse circa 1840.
A good selection of nauticalia and marine paintings are also to be offered, including a good Victorian Scottish marine barometer by Gebbie & Co of Greenock (estimate pounds 1,000/1,500), two marine chronometers and a selection of Nelson related prints and memorabilia.
He devised improved scientific instruments--thermometers, telescopes, microscopes, pendulums and pumps--as well as a pedometer, a marine barometer, a depth sounder and various navigational instruments.
Fortin barometers, commonly referred to as marine barometers, are interesting as the design allows the mercury to measure accurately despite constant movement.

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