Marine interest

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interest at any rate agreed on for money lent upon respondentia and bottomry bonds.

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In the DOTC's statement, Abaya said the project is part of the government's program to equip our forces with necessary assets to protect the national marine interest.
To aid cash-strapped dealers who may have substantial inventory, parent company Yamaha has started a Marine Interest Deferral Program for boat retailers.
The sale also included the remains of an archive of marine interest put together by Jim Crissup, who was a member of the Bristol Shiplovers' Society.
Six interpretation panels have been erected on and near St Mary's Island in Whitley Bay, which is of special geological, ornithological and marine interest.
In turn, this supports national and local marine interests in communities which have close connections with, and benefit from, science-informed decision-making in their marine environments.
He had formed a number of businesses dealing with haulage and marine interests with his brother Bruce.
"The regional scene requires that the armed forces be ready for any confrontation, and this submarine deal with Germany is part of several others with European countries, such as Mistral warships from France." He added: "Such submarines are of great importance when it comes to maneuvering in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea to protect vital marine interests, including newly discovered oil and gas fields, and to secure routes leading to the Suez Canal." In 2011, Egypt signed a contract to receive the German-made submarine.
The new type will enhance the navy's capabilities in safeguarding national security, territorial integrity, marine sovereignty and marine interests, it added.
The recent ramming of Japan Coast Guard vessels by a Chinese fishing boat off the Senkaku Islands demonstrates the true nature of China, which, backed by its naval power, is expanding its territorial and marine interests without regard for the international community.
THE Crown Estate has appointed property advisers Cooke & Arkwright to manage its marine interests in Wales for the next five years.
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