Marine league

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three geographical miles.

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Engerrand, DOHSA's Reach: What Are the High Seas Beyond a Marine League From Shore?
The most natural reading of this text is that a death must occur both on the high seas and beyond a marine league from the shore for DOHSA to apply.
33 AND COUNTING: Jordan Rhodes celebrates his latest goal, against Rochdale, with Danny Ward * PRIZE TIME: Town's commercial director Sean Jarvis receives the Tokio Marine League I Family Club of the Year award from Andrea Brown, of the Football League.
Before the film started, Thad Lukasik, a Marine League member who helped organize the event, welcomed an audience that included veterans, Marines and their family members, plus a few surprised people who just came to see the film.
Dove Marine League have only 20 places and booking is essential.
I was a 6-foot-2 center and the highlight of my high school career was winning the Marine League championship for the first time in Westchester's history.
77) This draft granted a wrongful death remedy in the federal district courts in admiralty for deaths caused by wrongful acts on the high seas beyond a marine league from the shore of any state or on any navigable waters of the Panama Canal Zone, the District of Columbia or the territories or dependencies of the United States.
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