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also Mar·y·ol·o·gy  (mâr′ē-ŏl′ə-jē)
1. The theological study of the Virgin Mary.
2. The body of belief or dogma concerning the Virgin Mary.

Mar′i·o·log′i·cal adj.


(ˌmɛərɪˈɒlədʒɪ) or


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church the study of the traditions and doctrines concerning the Virgin Mary
ˌMariˈologist, ˌMaryˈologist n


(ˌmɛər iˈɒl ə dʒi)

the study of and beliefs concerning the Virgin Mary.
Mar`i•ol′o•gist, n.


1. the body of belief and doctrine concerning the Virgin Mary.
2. the study of the Virgin Mary. — Mariologist, n.
See also: Mary


[ˌmɛərɪˈɒlədʒɪ] Nmariología f
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DiPasquale discerns in Donne's works written during the reign of Elizabeth a "prickly antifeminism" (19) in reaction against Elizabeth's appropriation of Mariological and Petrarchan expressions of devotion.
Though the iconography of the pictures is not explicitly Lutheran, the demographics of Strasbourg and the tendency of Lutheran viewers to prefer the Madonna to Mariological subjects suggest a Lutheran audience.
Apostolos-Cappadona attends beautifully to the imagistic Mary by tracing the development of Byzantine Mariological iconography and, in so doing, suggests new ways for understanding the relationship between word and image, connections between the East and West, and the role of "popular culture" in the uses of Mary images on pilgrimage souvenirs.
The problem of intervening traditions is particularly acute in the instance of Mary, the mother of Jesus, for mariological attitudes in the post-Reformation West have been sharply divergent.
Thematically the articles range from an overview of medieval German Mariological poetry, through papers on Frauenlob (including the author's self-critique of the Gottingen Frauenlob edition of 1980) and Heinrich von Mugeln to studies of the problem of anonymity in late-medieval song and of the comparability of vernacular and Latin poetological theory in the age of the Meistergesang.
Certain Annunciation pictures, as I will show, tell a second secular story that runs counter to received Mariological doctrine.
The church thus continues to instrumentalize the religious demands of the masses through a corporate model of management in a nationalistic Catholicism whose mariological or christological devotions are its principal manifestation.
Irreverent thoughts flit through my mind: What's the real motive for this latest bout of Mariological fervor?
Mariological devotion is strongly emphasized, lest any channel-surfing Protestants think that they've found TBN or the Family Channel.
The stage trick of Hermione's living, breathing statue whereby the king is made to believe that she comes back to life is here connected ingeniously to Shakespeare's alleged Catholic background and our friend Francisco Suarez's interventions in Mariological debates.
Whitehead, looking at Robert Grosseteste's often-ignored Anglo-Norman Mariological poem, Chateau d'amour, seems to forget that Grosseteste (unlike many writers of vernacular allegorical poetry) was a master theologian, and her unsubtle characterization of it as an exercise in "masculinization" betrays a theological understanding much less sophisticated than Grosseteste's own.
In the period after the Protestant Reformation, and largely in reaction against it, there was a flowering of Marian devotion and Mariological speculation that threatened to get out of hand by evolving too separately from the essential Rule of Faith.