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 (măr′ē-ən, mâr′-), Frances 1887-1973.
American screenwriter who won an Academy Award for The Big House (1930) and The Champ (1932). She was the highest-paid screenwriter in Hollywood from 1916 through the mid-1930s.


, Francis Known as "the Swamp Fox." 1732?-1795.
American Revolutionary soldier known for his guerrilla tactics against the British in South Carolina.
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(ˈmær i ən, ˈmɛər-)

Francis, ( “the Swamp Fox” ), 1732?–95, American Revolutionary general.
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Philip Eckert lived for many years in an old, weather-stained wooden house about three miles from the little town of Marion, in Vermont.
Eckert's renown as a reformed assassin or a retired pirate of the Spanish Main had not reached any ear in Marion. He got his living cultivating a small and not very fertile farm.
At one time, about five years after the disappearance, these stories of the supernatural became so rife, or through some attesting circumstances seemed so important, that some of Marion's most serious citizens deemed it well to investigate, and to that end arranged for a night session on the premises.
He addresses his daughter, and call her Marion. In my 'eart I also call her Marion.
He has mentioned that he and Miss Marion depart for London that day.
He cannot now forget that I am his dear brother's child; but if I fail to accomplish the conquest of the divine Miss Marion, he thinks he will be able to.
Because he loves the charming Miss Marion, and observes that already I am succeeding with her like a 'ouse on fire.
I am vivacious, gay; Miss Marion, charming, gracious.
"I shan't build my house by Willie's if he don't want me to, so now!" put in little Marion, joining the mutiny.
Too long has it been avoided, Albert has called Marion 'dear' only as yet (between you and me these are not their real names), but though the public will probably read the word without blinking, it went off in my hands with a bang.
This worried him until the thought came to him of hiring a servant for Gertrude and of buying a bicycle for Marion.
"Monseigneur," said Athos, with a calmness the more terrible because he risked his head in making this reply, "the letter is a woman's letter, but it is neither signed Marion de Lorme, nor Madame d'Aiguillon."