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 (mâr′ĭst, măr′-)
1. A member of the Society of Mary, a congregation of Roman Catholic missionary priests founded in 1836.
2. A member of the Little Brothers of Mary, a Roman Catholic teaching congregation founded in 1817.

[French Mariste, from Marie, the Virgin Mary, from Late Latin Maria; see marionette.]


(ˈmɛərɪst) RC Church
1. (Roman Catholic Church) a member of the Society of Mary, a religious congregation founded in 1824
2. (Education) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
3. (Roman Catholic Church) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
(Roman Catholic Church) of a Marist
[C19: from French Mariste, from Marie Mary (the virgin)]


(ˈmɛər ɪst, ˈmær-)

a member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Lyons, France, in 1816 for missionary and educational work in the name of the Virgin Mary.
[1875–80; < French Mariste]
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Known by his religious name of Brother Walfrid, Andrew Kerins was an Irish Marist Brother who set up the Dumfries secondary school initially as a boarding school for boys in 1875 before going on to found the Scottish football giants a little over a decade later.
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Parents of two former Marist High School students expelled after&nbsp;a racist message was discovered in their group chat are ( suing the Chicago school, claiming they are being unfairly blamed for larger racial tensions flaring up in the city, ( CBS Chicago reported Monday.
While there are classic novels about men of God who go abroad and find themselves adrift, Fernand Dostie went to Africa as a Marist brother and found himself--as an educator, administrator and mentor to generations of students.
At Mount saint Mary Parish in Nadi, DIGICEL MOBULAISE 2012 has been launched last night with a reconciliation mass led by the current Marist Old Boy priests.
Washington, July 15 (ANI): An annual survey by Marist Poll reveals that 55 percent of Americans will not be booking a summer vacation this year.
JOHN BRANIFF, And Gladly Teach: The Marist Experience in Australia 1872-2000, David Lovell Publishing, Melbourne, 2006; ISBN 1 86355-114-X; viii + 248 pages.
MARIST COLLEGE (Poughkeepsie, NY) takes its university security policy seriously.
Marist is the first college or university to become an affiliate member of OSDL through a newly established College and University affiliate program.
IBM is also announcing that it is delivering to Marist College its flagship IBM eServer zSeries 990 server to be used to help further develop Linux applications and skills on the mainframe.