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 (mâr′ĭst, măr′-)
1. A member of the Society of Mary, a congregation of Roman Catholic missionary priests founded in 1836.
2. A member of the Little Brothers of Mary, a Roman Catholic teaching congregation founded in 1817.

[French Mariste, from Marie, the Virgin Mary, from Late Latin Maria; see marionette.]
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(ˈmɛərɪst) RC Church
1. (Roman Catholic Church) a member of the Society of Mary, a religious congregation founded in 1824
2. (Education) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
3. (Roman Catholic Church) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
(Roman Catholic Church) of a Marist
[C19: from French Mariste, from Marie Mary (the virgin)]
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(ˈmɛər ɪst, ˈmær-)

a member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Lyons, France, in 1816 for missionary and educational work in the name of the Virgin Mary.
[1875–80; < French Mariste]
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Known by his religious name of Brother Walfrid, Andrew Kerins was an Irish Marist Brother who set up the Dumfries secondary school initially as a boarding school for boys in 1875 before going on to found the Scottish football giants a little over a decade later.
According to Marist Brother Linmeyer (2017), merit system can be linked to the academic database and all actions mentioned under rules and regulations including commendable or unacceptable types of behaviour will be recorded on an ongoing basis.
After the years of training and study necessary to embrace the vocation of a Marist Brother, Dostie returned to Canada, where he spent four years teaching English at the military camp of Valcartier, followed by a brief stint at Levis Juniorate, a Marist secondary school.
In fact the club, which now boasts a global support of millions, was actually formed by a Marist brother from Co Sligo.
Christopher Cosgrove, 66, was a Marist Brother - a member of the Little Brothers of Mary - when he worked at the school during the late 1960s and 1970s.
He was born near Parkhead and educated at St Mary's School, by the church, where Marist Brother Walfrid had founded Celtic FC in 1888.
Former Marist Brother Christopher Cosgrove was released from hospital this week after recovering from having his throat slit by a fellow inmate at Castlerea Prison.
Academics say while his links with the club are well-established, the story of the Marist Brother - real name Andrew Kerins - remains "largely obscure".
The Cross, representing a bridge between Scottish and Irish cultures, is the symbol of the club's charitable arm established to continue the work by the team's founder Brother Walfrid, an Irish Marist Brother.
A MARIST brother has been named Athlone's Person of the Year for 2009.
Given the history of the team founded by a Marist Brother called Brother Walfrid in 1886, a team created to counteract the poverty of the Catholic community in the east end, I think our wee genius will be hugely appreciative of the fact that the date of his funeral is a day we celebrate the feast of St Patrick.
After being contacted Gorman admitted that he had made a mistake and was cutting off all contact with the former Marist Brother.