Maritime loan

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a loan secured by bottomry or respodentia bonds.

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that in a contract of maritime loan the lender took the maritime
protection of borrowers from the risks of maritime loans ("Whether
Global Banking News-April 4, 2012--Commerzbank expected to make losses from maritime loan portfolio(C)2012 ENPublishing -
Commerzbank (PINK:CRZBY) is expected to make losses from its maritime loan portfolio as higher fuel costs and slumping freight rates are expected to affect shipping companies.
I do not propose to discuss whether or not we see the private banks actually making maritime loans.(139) The evidence is uncertain and the argument is complicated by varying claims as to what constituted a maritime loan.(140) But given that traders were clearly customers at Pasion's bank, there are good theoretical grounds for supposing that the banks would indeed be involved in maritime trade.
Through a second loan ([Dem.] 49.17), Pasion enabled Timotheus to pay off what in effect was a maritime loan although not made for trading purposes.
49.35 a maritime loan since the cargo is acting as security?
Among the assets outside the house, Demosthenes first mentions his father's maritime loans (always interest-bearing), managed by Xuthos,(128) and he ends with a sum of around one talent loaned free of interest, in tranches of 200 and 300 dr.(129) Since the term `loaned free of interest' is used only of this last sum it is reasonable to see all the other sums of money which follow the maritime loans in Demosthenes' list and precede the final item as also bearing interest, namely 2,400 dr in Pasion's bank, 600 dr in the bank of Pylades and a further 1,600 dr in the hands of Demomeles.
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