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Maritime Provinces

The Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean. They were politically distinct until joining the Canadian confederation in 1867.

Mar′i·tim′er n.


(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
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He considers himself a Maritimer, but we, his parents, will never move past the status of come-from-aways.
Such analyses, applied to the circumstance of a Maritime reader of a novel set in Toronto, would suggest that this reader's desire, so to speak, for the exotic difference of the distant setting is complicated by the power dynamics of regionalism: on one hand, the Maritimer who reads of Toronto streets and neighbourhoods may be eager to acquire the place-knowledge that equips Torontonians to decipher the significance of particular references to place, particularly because Toronto's relative economic power gives it glamour and makes it a site of focus and ambivalent longing.
Herman's Brown Maritimer and William Hagas' Entifaadha are part of this classy field of three-year-olds but it will be up to Christophe Soumillon on Mickdaam to defend de Kock's record and deny Wrote and Helmet.
Secret Asset should not be considered the rank outsider in what looks a wideopen Duke, 6-8 Daddy Long Legs, Lucky Chappy, Yang Tse Kiang, 5-7 Falls Of Lora, Entifaadha, 4-6 Kinglet, 3-5 Maritimer, 2-4 Genten, 0.
He was the first Acadian and first Maritimer to occupy the position of Governor General.
The black Maritimer is woven into the fabric of Maritime's history through adaptation.
As a Maritimer and a participant in the debates on the Autonomy Bills (in 1905) and the two rounds of debates concerning boundary extensions (in 1908 and 1912), the prime minister knew only too well that there was already a perception in the region that the multiple boundary extensions of 1912 (Ontario and Quebec had both received large northern additions at the same time that Manitoba had been enlarged) had been unfair.
This began a long and protracted effort that involved the Calgary & Edmonton Railway, the CPR, Mackenzie & Mann's Canadian Northern Railway, and such rogues as Maritimer politician William Pugsley.
Mersey Maritime was set up in 2003 to promote the industry and works with 566 maritimer elated companies employing 6, 000 staff and contributing pounds 1.
Francis Xavier University, Bishop Alexander "Sandy" MacDonald of Victoria was the first Maritimer to be appointed to a diocese west of Toronto.
87), nor for the significant increase in the evaluation of a Maritimer (.