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(Russian məriˈupəlj)
(Placename) a port in SE Ukraine, on an estuary leading to the Sea of Azov. Pop: 485 000 (2005 est). Former name (1948–91): Zhdanov


(ˌmær iˈu pəl)

a city in SE Ukraine, on the Sea of Azov. 529,000. Formerly (1948–89), Zhdanov.
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The event was attended by a girl from Ukraine Natalia Lafazan, who suffered during an attack of militants near Mariupol in 2015.
Almost Holy is a documentary about the work of Pastor Gennadiy Mockhnenko of Mariupol, Ukraine.
Executive produced by Terrence Malick, director Steve Hoover's documentary situates itself in the Eastern European outpost of Mariupol to detail one priest's efforts to stave off the figurative arrival of the Four Horsemen--who appear in many guises, including that of Vladimir Putin and his invading Russian forces.
MARIUPOL, Ukraine, Muharram 12, 1437, Oct 25, 2015, SPA -- Ukrainians voted Sunday in local elections seen as a test of strength for President Petro Poroshenko's government and for the oligarchs accustomed to running their own regions, but a last-minute dispute blocked the ballot in a key port city.
Ukrainian officials reported two civilian deaths on their side, in a suburb of Mariupol on the Black Sea.
These attacks continued this weekend, including to the east and north of Mariupol, apparently in an attempt to threaten that city," State Department Spokesperson Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday.
Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said two government troops were killed and seven others injured in the fighting, which concentrated around the insurgent-stronghold of Donetsk and near the government-controlled port city of Mariupol.
The clashes, near Mariupol in the southeast and at Gorlivka, a rebel-held town, formed part of an upsurge in violence which put further strain on a fragile ceasefire between the two sides.
From late 2014, cities such as Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev and Mariupol, were struck by bombings that targeted pro-Ukrainian unity organisations.
As the Ukrainian army retreated from the shattered town, the Kiev government worried that that the rebels may continue their advance to threaten Mariupol, a highly strategic port of 500,000 people that is the biggest city still under government control in the two rebellious eastern provinces.
Mariupol is the biggest city still under government control in the two rebellious eastern provinces.
Kiev fears they are massing for an assault near the major port of Mariupol.