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Noun1.Mark Tobey - United States abstract painter influenced by oriental calligraphy (1890-1976)Mark Tobey - United States abstract painter influenced by oriental calligraphy (1890-1976)
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Charles Dyer and Pastor Mark Tobey, authors of The ISIS Crisis: What You Really Need to Know(Moody Publishers).
In addition to paintings by Hopper, Cadmus, and their contemporaries, the foundation purchased abstract work, including those of Stuart Davis, Louise Nevelson, and Mark Tobey.
She had spoken and written of the influence of Mark Tobey and Morris Graves.
Unlike some better known mid-20th century Northwest painters - Morris Graves comes to mind, along with Mark Tobey and Kenneth Callahan - McCosh was never part of a recognized school or movement and drew little national attention.
Pacific Northwest artists take their place in the melee; works by Emily Cart and Mark Tobey are among the show's highpoints.
184); we also hear stories he had told many times before: about Mark Tobey and the painting that helped him see the pavement as art (p.
When the hotel first opened in 1982, paintings by Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Jacob Lawrence and other Northwest "Old Masters" hung on our walls.
Moderator: Mark Tobey, Special Counsel for Agriculture and State Relations, Antitrust Division, U.
Free talk: Art historian Prudence Roberts talks about Morris' work and his connections with artists Kenneth Callahan and Mark Tobey at 6 p.
I also knew of some "West Coast" painters like Mark Tobey and Morris Graves.