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As plaque and award shops began using laser and ink jet printers to digitally create plaques, awards, signs and other items; Horizons developed two laser markable aluminum materials (AlumaMark and DuraBlack) and one ink jet printable aluminum material (AlumaJet).
He concluded that there is no markable difference between recovery times in both groups.
The materials include thermal transfer printable nylon, polyester and polyimide, as well as UDI compliant laser markable polyimide.
Markable tapes inside the bezel and on the side of the sight housing allows each user to make custom yardage markings for precise aiming at virtually any range.
The annual incidence increased from 513 to 600 cases per 100,000 population during the study period--a 17% rise that was deemed "not re markable," noted Dr.
It is re markable that all the contributors to the volume now agree that a system of booklets and "proto-booklets" (but not necessarily always the same textual units in the manuscripts that Johnston, Fein, Keiser, and Fredell have identified and characterized) must have played a critical role in the writing and compiling processes of the items in the two Thornton books under such sustained close scrutiny in this volume.
It will be necessary to mark the outside circumference of the cylinder with pen or pencil, so permanently cover this area with a sheet of markable paper if it needs it.
THE EQUALIZER (15) ROBERT McCall (Denzel Washington) has turned his back on his past as a covert government operative and has fashioned an unre markable life in suburbia.
Because they are pro- gressing so rapidly, with re- markable projects, they offer the scope to produce beauti- ful work.
If both wings are alternatively used, the number of uniquely markable individuals becomes 32.
Celtic's title success is all the markable when he casts his k to that 3-3 draw.
Today, a total of 126 blue barrels have been constructed -- or about 50 per cent of markable points.