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1. Not readily converted into cash: illiquid assets.
2. Lacking cash or liquid assets.

il′li·quid′i·ty n.


1. (Banking & Finance) (of an asset) not easily convertible into cash
2. (Banking & Finance) (of an enterprise, organization, etc) deficient in liquid assets


(ɪˈlɪk wɪd)

not readily convertible into cash; not liquid.
il`li•quid′i•ty, n.
il•liq′uid•ly, adv.


A. ADJfalto de liquidez
B. CPD illiquid assets NPLactivos mpl no realizables (a corto plazo)
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To enhance the transparency of the RMB market liquidity, starting from 1 November 2016 the HKMA will publish information on the usages of intraday and overnight RMB Liquidity Facility (RLF) as well as the usages of the PLP facility as at 9:00 a.
In recent years, financial market participants have become increasingly worried about the significant decline in the level and resilience of financial market liquidity, raising concerns over the efficiency of markets and the increased risks associated with a liquidity shock.
There is some argument that the regulatory onslaught since the financial crisis has negatively affected market liquidity, causing higher liquidity costs and more illiquidity events.
The report's annual liquidity survey showed concerns about when the US would start to shrink its asset purchase programme was the main factor affecting local currency bond market liquidity.
The report had adopted a Positive stance on Saudi Arabia and Qatar due to positive economic growth, earnings potential and market liquidity.
Also, increases in aggregate market liquidity accelerate convergence of prices to fundamentals.
Further, absent termination and closeout rights, the inability of market participants to control their market risk is likely to lead them to reduce their market risk exposure, potentially drying up market liquidity and preventing the affected markets from serving their essential risk-management, credit-intermediation, and capital-raising functions.
With this action, policy-makers in Washington continue to demonstrate their recognition of the need for, and their support for, policy reforms that should help provide real estate market liquidity.
The article which ran in this week's addition highlighted Aleri's focus on product innovation and the launching of new and updated products including Aleri's real-time risk monitoring solution and liquidity stress testing solution, and a new version of the Aleri Market Liquidity Analysis engine.
After the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced to forex traders, a market liquidity worth of N400 billion for the day, the interbank market became relatively steady last week Friday.
The report provides an outlook for 2012 by using the five forces framework which includes Economic Factors, Valuation Attraction, Earnings Growth Potential, Geopolitical Developments, and Market Liquidity.
In times of crisis, reductions in market liquidity and funding liquidity are mutually reinforcing, leading to a liquidity spiral.